Yarn Art

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This particular piece is "yarn on canavs." It was done by my brother, Julius, back in the early 1990's. The process is very detailed and takes a very long time to lay each section. First the image is drawn and then each area is decided on color, then that particlur shade of yarn is glued down, strand by strand in the shapes that you see and repeated until finished.

Some of the problems I have run into when trying to put up online have been due to resolution. You could never really appreciate the texure of the piece because of reducing to the web ready resolution of 72DPI

The other problem was that the photographer that I used to shoot the original image ended up taking imperfections out with Photoshop and so we lost texture in parts of all the images. Take a look at the black area in the middle and you can see its just plain black with no texture at all.